Blue Trees – Art Inspired Writing Prompt

This is a poem that I wrote for a creative writing assignment a while back. We went to an art room and had to choose from various paintings to write poems about. Took some time to convert it to computer text form. Hope it’s interesting to read.

Blue Trees

Another Writing Prompt Inspired Poem – Invisible Ink

Thought I’d post another poem I came across recently that I did a while back based off of a reading prompt exercise. Hope it’s interesting for you guys.

Invisible Ink

I’m painting a painting
inside of a painting
inside of a painting
that you cannot see.

Inside of that painting
is a painter who’s painting
a painter who’s painting
that is not me.

Outside of the painting
is paint that is painting
itself into paintings
clandestine unseen.

Because painters who paint
with or without paint
know that painters who paint
are surely not me.

Silly Poems – Jolthead

So sometimes when I write poems, I honestly don’t take the task very seriously. I came across an old writing prompt I wrote a poem for involving Shakespearean insults. I figured I’d post it here to break up the more serious poems that I tend to usually write. I don’t know if I’ll include it or not in a future anthology but for now I hope it entertains.

An earth-vexing jolthead divided by zero.
He has a B.S. in bullshit.
He counted infinity twice in a row
beslubbering each day in a snake pit.
He stood on the sun eating rat poison gum
and then crashed through the moon with a bang.
I swear he’s a dumb ass with no sense of class.
He lives up the sky down the lane.