Victory – From “Blue Autumn”

Hey guys. This poem is technically from my most recent anthology but I wanted to post it anyways. Pretty dark but religiously inspired. Hope you guys enjoy.


A holy cup of wrath that makes clergy tremble
A crash from the hills will make the earth rumble

The heavens, the land, entire nations will shake
The seas will boil and every human will quake

A day of much trouble, distress, and desolation
Darkness, gloom, destruction, obliteration

Blood will be poured out like dust and like dung
Clouds and thick darkness will poison every lung

All the stars in the sky will eventually dissolve
Lest plagues of annihilation inevitably evolve

The sun will be blackened and the moon will not shine
Anguish and ruin by the creator’s design

Let the earth be devoured and all mankind smothered
Bodies strewn from one end of the earth to the other

Prophecies of extinction to instill ceaseless fear
The day of the lord is near

~Christopher Ferguson

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