Earworm – Short Story

So for my next anthology I want to write a number of short stories to include in it. Unfortunately I tend to have issues with writing works longer than poems, so we’ll see how that goes of course. There is one short story I did write a little while ago as a form of flash fiction. I thought I’d post it here to see what people thought of it and get some feed back. Hope you guys enjoy and constructive criticism is very much welcome.


I remember when it was first announced: The HALO. It was quickly labeled the most important invention of the 20th century and one that would change the course of history. Much like the telephone, the cell phone, and the smartphone which came before it. The HALO was a device that could be implanted directly into the human brain. You could use it to listen to music, make phone calls, use apps, and even watch movies – all inside your head. All of this was brought about due to the infinite genius of the American born tech wizard Dio Narcissus, the CEO of the company Red Dragon.

At first it was seen as a novelty. Something the wealthy and rich would want or could even afford. It was even banned for minors for a number of various reasons. From concerns about the ethics of human augmentation in children to teachers just concerned about kids cheating in class. I remember a lot of my classmates at the time wanting one. My few close friends thought it was strange and silly.

That was until a very swift push to make it affordable to the general public. It quickly took over like a pathogen spreading across the globe. Even more bizarre was that those who bought the HALO started to boycott every other company in the world, and they would only buy products from Red Dragon. Red Dragon started absorbing business after business as others went bankrupt trying to stay afloat. They weren’t just controlling tech anymore. Every modern convenience to just basic necessities were falling under their domain.

On the social side, it’s one thing for a fad to take off, but this was much more than that though. It mutated from simply being a means to keep up with the in-crowd to integrating itself into every junction of modern life. The ones who didn’t have one were becoming the minority. I was kicked out of school, my parents pushed me out of the house, I lost my friends, no employer would hire me, and if I was even old enough to apply to colleges none would take me. After a point, businesses and public services even barred those who didn’t have a HALO. Even my sister, one of the closest people to me in the entire world, eventually pushed me away. We used to share everything with each other. We exchanged clothes, shared music, and even kept each other’s secrets no matter what. Now she doesn’t even recognize that I even exist.

I found some solace amongst the outcasts of society for a time, but then Red Dragon did something unimaginable. They began giving away the HALO for free. Inevitably the few people I knew slowly disappeared. I was completely alone. I couldn’t take it anymore. The isolation. The hunger. The cold. I cracked. I gave in. I received my own HALO and suddenly everything changed.

The world no longer seemed bleak and grey anymore. Everything seemed to burst with energy and elation. I reconnected with my family and friends. I was able to go back home and return to school. But the truest sense of satisfaction I felt was from Red Dragon and Dio Narcissus. Whenever I bought a product from them I felt incomprehensible ecstasy. Each day I worked for them I felt all encompassing contentment. Bliss was giving my heart, body, and soul to them. I felt fulfilled, I felt complete, and finally I felt loved again. I had finally become one with God.

~Christopher Ferguson

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