New “Book” – Self Help Book Satire

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve been in a funk for a good bit but I’ve been slowly pulling myself out of it. In other news, I’ve published a new “book” entitled “Buy My Self-Help Book So I Can Live the American Dream for You.” In similar vein to “How to Deal with Difficult People”, this is a one page satirical “book” that I’ll be offering for free on gumroad.

Unfortunately the lowest I can offer it for on Amazon is $0.99 since giving it away for free isn’t an option. If you wish to financially support me then feel free to get that version or do “pay what you want” on gumroad.

On one more quick side note, I’ve basically finished my next anthology “Black Summer” but I just need the cover to be finished for it. Once it’s all put together I’ll make a post about it. Until then here are the links below for the new “book.” Enjoy.


Gumroad: TBA

Published First Book – How to Deal with Difficult People

Hey everybody, I have some semi interesting news to share. I’m still waiting on the cover for “Red Winter” but in the mean time I published my first “book”. You might be wondering why I put book in italics. Well it’s a “book” in a very very loose sense. It’s honestly only six pages…but that’s why I’m giving it away for free. It’s called “How to Deal with Difficult People” and if you’d like to download it here is a link to for a “pay what you want” version of the book:

I did also publish the text on Amazon Kindle but it doesn’t allow me to sell products for free or pay what you want. So instead it’s at the lowest price of $0.99. If you would like to get it off there for any particular reason then I’ll post a link below as well:

Either way I hope you guys enjoy this short but otherwise silly satirical piece I did. Hopefully I’ll have some more content news to share soon. Until then take it easy everyone.