Splendour – I’m Still Alive

Hey guys, I’m still alive but I’ve just been busy doing other things. I’ll post another poem here from my latest anthology. If you enjoy it at all please check out the links in the published for the ebook version of my anthology “Blue Autumn”.


You too can be a cliche
A one hit wonder
A vapid word parfait
Reduced to platitudes
A forgettable passe
Banality incarnate
A stereotype buffet

You too can be an adage
Trite and trivial
More sob story baggage
Chemically created
With replica disadvantage
Produced to be sold
As a prosaic package

You too can be a claptrap
Full of deflated hymns
And fustian scrap
Laced with grandiose garbage
And cumbersome crap
Being sold out to chumps
Monetarily entrapped

You too can be a mantra
Solace to morons
As a delusional stanza
Each phrase the same
Xerox propaganda
A false simulacrum
Singing conformity’s anthem

  ~Christopher Ferguson

Patience – More Poetry from “Blue Autumn”


You’ve tested my patience for far too long.
Forgiveness for you would surely be wrong.
You pick on the weak and idolize the strong.
Farce is your rhapsody and mockery's your song.

Generosity for you was surely a mistake.
For you all I feel is animosity and hate.
To rip out your organs and see your bones break.
That wouldn’t suffice as a violent enough fate.

I want to see you cry an ocean of blood.
Overflowing cesspools with gore and mud.
You think mercy is folly so it’s time to be judged.
To see you engulfed and drowned in the flood.

I have menacing methods and torturing tools.
Infinite time in this one sided dual.
Showing you compassion made me a fool.
Kindness is always wasted on the cruel.

          ~Christopher Ferguson


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Discipline – An Extra Poem from My Latest Anthology “Blue Autumn”


I am not interested in being your wage slave 
Your punching bag peasant who needs to behave 
You exploit all my labor and paint me a knave 
To be worked like a serf till I’m dead in the grave
I am not interested in being your soldier 
Your flesh meat peon at which to bark orders 
A brain dead lackey and thoughtless marauder 
To run into bullets as dumb cannon fodder 

I am not interested in being your doormat 
Your pushover patsy without insight or tact 
A fool without brains to con and distract 
To be trodden all over and stomped like a rat 

I am not interested in being your chess piece 
Your deluded pawn to dupe and police 
To be devoured by fate with stoic caprice 
A monument to misery as your masterpiece

                 ~Christopher Ferguson

Compassion – Another “Blue Autumn” Sample


My brother
I will not harm you
For wearing a shirt of wool and cotton

My father
I will not stone you
Because of the sabbath day forgotten

My sister
I will not force you
To marry the man who raped and hurt you

My mother
I will not hate you
Because of sins that did subvert you

My son
I will not strike you
Just cause god says it is justified

My daughter
I will not beat you
For your love of women you’re ostracized

My enemy
I will not slay you
Just because the lord says you're my foe

My friend
I will not kill you
Just because the bible told me so

Blue Autumn Sample – Heathen

Hey everybody. It'll be a good bit before I release my next anthology, but I thought I'd post one the poems that is going to be featured in it. The next anthology will be entitled "Blue Autumn" by the way. In the mean time enjoy.


The fascism of Christianity 
The dictatorship of greed 
The theocracy of atheism 
The anarchy of need 

The heathen paints a wooden cross 
The gentile pukes a Jewish prayer 
The only exit is south from heaven 
But who said life was ever fair? 

Enslaved to doubt 
Enslaved to fear 
Enslaved to weaknesses of the flesh 

Enslaved to lust 
Enslaved to guilt 
Enslaved to sin and eternal death 

Devoid of human faith 
Cause you will bend and you will break 
You will fall and you will drown 
The only way up is down

          ~Christopher Ferguson

Red Winter Update + Tracing to Kill Time

Hey guys. So the cover is basically done for “Red Winter”, my upcoming anthology, and it should be out probably by Monday. Tuesday at the latest. Regardless I’m pretty excited about it for a number of reasons. After that is published I’ll immediately begin working on the final content for my second anthology. I plan on releasing four in total for this series and it’d be really cool to get them all done this year. We’ll see what happens though.

In the mean time I’ve been neglecting my artistic endeavors so I spent some time today just tracing a few pictures. The one below is from the artist Ilya Kuvshinov. It’s from his art book “Momentary”. He has a few art books on Amazon and I’m pretty sure you can find his Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/kuvshinov_ilya/

Anyways I hope you guys have a good weekend and I look forward to dropping the anthology very soon. Later.

One Final Excerpt from “Red Winter”

Hey, hope everyone reading this is having a good 
time during the holidays. I'm going to post one 
more excerpt from my upcoming anthology "Red Winter". 
I still have a few more things to finish up with 
it before it'll be finally published. I hope that'll 
be soon though. In the mean time enjoy.

Pluto Diamond
Wooden skeletons in fields of dirt
Wind below the rotten Earth
Light pales through the cirrus clouds
While the steel wrapped boxes race around
The overcast of raining sleet
The oligarchs and dead elite
The spikes of ice and nails of clay
The storm is gone, now let us prey
The season of the dying sun
The shadows fall below the hum
Of speeding trains and wailing brakes
The freezing of the northern lakes
The cauldron and attracting glow
The coffin bleached with laden snow
Wind away the fields of dirt
Skeletons rot into the Earth 

Another Excerpt from “Red Winter”


With every breath I breathe 
I will lie to you 
But you will all believe me 
Because it's not the truth 

I'll confirm your biases 
I'll whisper in your ears 
That I will be your savior 
That I'll purge you from your fears 

I'll sit upon your throne 
So you can worship me 
I'll give you all the honor 
Of dying beneath my feet 

There's no way to stop me 
This is the point of no return 
I'll rule you forever 
Because you will never learn