Black Summer Anthology & Sample

So my next anthology is going to be entitled “Black Summer”. I have no planned release date for it at the moment, but I can say that I’ve already completed and organized all the poems for it.

The real challenge for me this time around is going to be that I would like to do a good number of short stories to add to the anthology along with the poetry. That’ll take me a little more work and scrutiny/editing than normal.

The anthology will primary focus on mental illness but also contain poems centered around some other dark subjects in general. For the time being I’ll post a sample poem from the upcoming anthology.

Boomerang Nebula

Tossed hanging lifeless and vividly cold 
Friction constriction leaves frostbite enclosed 
Submerged in silence this thought goes untold 
Lethargic violence and ice juxtaposed 
Celsius concrete tween muscles and veins 
Neurotic opus composed of release 
Burrow of brain stems benumb flesh and pain 
Casket of navy when all functions cease

          ~Christopher Ferguson

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Compassion – Another “Blue Autumn” Sample


My brother
I will not harm you
For wearing a shirt of wool and cotton

My father
I will not stone you
Because of the sabbath day forgotten

My sister
I will not force you
To marry the man who raped and hurt you

My mother
I will not hate you
Because of sins that did subvert you

My son
I will not strike you
Just cause god says it is justified

My daughter
I will not beat you
For your love of women you’re ostracized

My enemy
I will not slay you
Just because the lord says you're my foe

My friend
I will not kill you
Just because the bible told me so

First Excerpt From “Red Winter”

Guilty Gear

It's like death but sweeter.
It's freezing by the heater.
It's narcissism, fanaticism,
and folly on a cake.

It's like steel but tougher.
I've got acid but no buffer.
It's cynicism, pessimism,
and idiocy in a shake.

It's like mucus but putrid.
It's milk and booze diluted.
It's nihilism, optimism,
and ignorance in a pie.

It's like sugar but sour.
It's drowning in the shower.
It's like having happiness and sorrow
impaled into your eyes.