Challenging Authority

I usually don’t do this style of post but I after much pondering I thought this would make for some thought provoking writing. Last night I was going through a list of the most challenged books in public libraries/school libraries. The list also featured why each book was usually challenged. Very few books featured thisContinue reading “Challenging Authority”

The Triumph of Death

I’m still finishing up things but I thought I’d share an old painting called “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel circa 1562 A.D. Enjoy.

One More Poem for the Road – Getting Closer to Finishing “Blue Autumn”

So unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish my next anthology, Blue Autumn, by the end of February. I am getting really close to being done though. Currently finishing up stuff for the cover and getting down to the last poems I need to workshop. In the mean time I thought I’d share one more poemContinue reading “One More Poem for the Road – Getting Closer to Finishing “Blue Autumn””

Murder Methods – A Dark Exercise in Wordplay

Felt like having some fun with this. Murder Methods Thrust and stab Assassinate Burn and scorch Incinerate Rip and tear Eviscerate Blaze and torch Eradicate Slay and kill Annihilate Cut and slash Decapitate Slice and shred Eliminate Crush and smash Obliterate ~Christopher Ferguson

Trace Memory – Small Sample from “Blue Autumn”

Still slowly working on finishing up more poems for my next anthology, “Blue Autumn”. In the mean time enjoy this small sample. Trace Memory The shadows rave and blink at me And the lights phase into a galaxy I trace and dissolve into a Greenwich ember Even though I forget the shadows remember ~Christopher Ferguson


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