Gods & Trolleys

This isn’t an ordinary post but I thought I’d tackle an odd but interesting subject since it’s been wracking my mind recently. In philosophy there is an ethical dilemma known as “Trolley Dilemma” which goes a little something like this: A person is on a trolley riding along on train tracks. Suddenly they spot inContinue reading “Gods & Trolleys”

Elpis – “Blue Autumn” and “Red Winter” are still on sale

Wanted to post a short poem I did recently, but also I wanted to say that my two anthologies are still “pay what you want” on Gumroad at the moment through Tuesday of next week. I’ll post a link here to my page on there: Elpis When you waited for peace All you knewContinue reading “Elpis – “Blue Autumn” and “Red Winter” are still on sale”

Challenging Authority

I usually don’t do this style of post but I after much pondering I thought this would make for some thought provoking writing. Last night I was going through a list of the most challenged books in public libraries/school libraries. The list also featured why each book was usually challenged. Very few books featured thisContinue reading “Challenging Authority”


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