Generic Love Poem Template

Here’s a poem I did a number of months ago. I also submitted it recently to a poetry blog if you guys want to check it out there:

Otherwise enjoy this cynical satirical piece.

Generic Love Poem Template

<Insert text about finally finding the one>

<Insert text about how you’ve never felt this way before>

<Insert text about how you get butterflies when they hold your hand, kiss you, etc.>

<Insert text about how great the sex is>

<Insert text about how you’d be devastated if they were never part of your life again>

<Insert a unique metaphor to try to come across as clever or deep>

<Insert text about how you’ve been waiting for so long>

<Insert text about how they finally make you complete>


I’ve finally found the one;

I’ve never felt like this before.

When they’re holding me in their arms

I can’t help but feel restored.

I feel butterflies in my stomach

when they’re making love to me.

Like a ship floating in the ocean

on a sea of ecstasy.

If they ever truly left me

I’d don’t know how I would go on.

It’d be like the moon without its twilight

and the sun without the dawn.

For too long I have been waiting

feeling the bitter taste of defeat,

but now I can finally say

that I truly feel complete.

Thirty Days of Drawing

Primarily I’ve wanted this site and blog to focus on current or future published works. There is one thing I did feel like sharing though. A number of months ago I bought a book called “You Can Draw in 30 Days” by Mark Kistler. Typically I don’t buy into books with those kind of titles but given the price point and generally high reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

While it didn’t turn me into anything of an art prodigy I can honestly say that I did learn how to draw from a basic level for the most part. Below I’ll show a gallery of my thirty days of learning how to draw with a sketch for each day. I’ll let you guys judge for yourselves whether I showed any improvement or not. Also my apologies if some of the photos aren’t of the highest quality.

If anyone reading this is interested in also checking out the same book I’ll post a link her:

One Final Excerpt from “Red Winter”

Hey, hope everyone reading this is having a good 
time during the holidays. I'm going to post one 
more excerpt from my upcoming anthology "Red Winter". 
I still have a few more things to finish up with 
it before it'll be finally published. I hope that'll 
be soon though. In the mean time enjoy.

Pluto Diamond
Wooden skeletons in fields of dirt
Wind below the rotten Earth
Light pales through the cirrus clouds
While the steel wrapped boxes race around
The overcast of raining sleet
The oligarchs and dead elite
The spikes of ice and nails of clay
The storm is gone, now let us prey
The season of the dying sun
The shadows fall below the hum
Of speeding trains and wailing brakes
The freezing of the northern lakes
The cauldron and attracting glow
The coffin bleached with laden snow
Wind away the fields of dirt
Skeletons rot into the Earth 

New Poem – Droste Effect

A poem I recently finished. I'll probably end up 
editing it some more and maybe it'll appear 
in a future anthology. In the mean time enjoy.

Droste Effect

I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Each time more painful than the last.
I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Eternally echoing the past.

I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Wearing down all my hope and ambition.
I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Questioning all of my decisions.

I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Like a thistle piercing each memory.
I feel like it's starting to get to me.
A chisel slammed into my reverie.

I feel like it's starting to get to me.
Forlorn truth that's farther than nearer.
I feel like it's starting to get to me.
A mirror reflecting a mirror.

Another Excerpt from “Red Winter”


With every breath I breathe 
I will lie to you 
But you will all believe me 
Because it's not the truth 

I'll confirm your biases 
I'll whisper in your ears 
That I will be your savior 
That I'll purge you from your fears 

I'll sit upon your throne 
So you can worship me 
I'll give you all the honor 
Of dying beneath my feet 

There's no way to stop me 
This is the point of no return 
I'll rule you forever 
Because you will never learn

First Excerpt From “Red Winter”

Guilty Gear

It's like death but sweeter.
It's freezing by the heater.
It's narcissism, fanaticism,
and folly on a cake.

It's like steel but tougher.
I've got acid but no buffer.
It's cynicism, pessimism,
and idiocy in a shake.

It's like mucus but putrid.
It's milk and booze diluted.
It's nihilism, optimism,
and ignorance in a pie.

It's like sugar but sour.
It's drowning in the shower.
It's like having happiness and sorrow
impaled into your eyes.

Obligatory Awkward First Blog Post

Hey, to anyone reading my blog. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. I won’t try to repeat what’s in my “About” section but I’m a writer who’s currently working on self-publishing various works. I’m hoping to publish my first poetry anthology entitled “Red Winter” by the end of this month. If for some reason or another I fail to meet to this non-binding self imposed deadline then of course I’ll aim for January of next year.

Either way keep an eye on my blog since I’ll be posting some excerpts from the anthology in the coming days. In the mean time I’ll keep working. Until next time.