Xerox The Fox – One More Silly Poem to Add to the Pile

Keep coming across more poems while digging up old ones that are whimsical and creative. Have fun with this one.

Xerox The Fox

Finding out that you’re not very clever
Or even good at scavenging for food
Xeroxes messages into your mind that luck will
Evade you when running from a hunting party that
Shoots in every direction while their dogs track you down.

Electric Church – Finding Old Poems Again

Been digging through old works again and I’ve been finding some good gems that I’ve forgotten about. This was me experimenting with multi-part poetry.

Electric Church
The self service checkout church
has levitating tithing bowls now made of solid gold.
No matter how much money you put in
you never get anything of value back.
I hear it’s more appealing now in design;
it replaced the landfill after all.
All the most charismatic garbage can be
found conveniently at your local pulpit.
An indoor cafe, overpriced musical tickets,
a church bookstore. Any way to suck you dry.
Hypocrites penning divinity with bile in every breath.
It’s a casino with no slot machines and no prizes.
I’m going to hell apparently.
Not the one of fire and brimstone though.
It’s here where the choir members, the pulpits,
the overused hymnals latch onto your flesh and won’t let you leave.
Jesus was not a wise person.
He didn’t know the heart of man well.
If he did he wouldn’t have come back.
He would have stayed locked in his tomb: dead forever.

Another Writing Prompt Inspired Poem – Invisible Ink

Thought I’d post another poem I came across recently that I did a while back based off of a reading prompt exercise. Hope it’s interesting for you guys.

Invisible Ink

I’m painting a painting
inside of a painting
inside of a painting
that you cannot see.

Inside of that painting
is a painter who’s painting
a painter who’s painting
that is not me.

Outside of the painting
is paint that is painting
itself into paintings
clandestine unseen.

Because painters who paint
with or without paint
know that painters who paint
are surely not me.

Books of a Darker Persuasion – Part 1

Hey everybody. So I thought it might be fun to do a number of posts about various books of a darker or more gothic style. The one I want to talk about today is a book called “The Envious Siblings and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes” by Landis Blair.

I got it a number of months ago and it’s a pretty quick read due to it’s childlike style of putting emphasis on pictures more than words. The art style is very reminiscent of the crosshatched drawing style of Edward Gorey and features just as dark a tone too. I won’t go through the whole book of course (because of respect for the author and copyright reasons) but I thought it’d be cool to check out the first story of the book at least: “The Malicious Playground”.

Essentially the series of rather twisted nursery rhymes catalogues the various ways that the perpetually smiling children “play” on a playground.

It’s the kind of book you’d imagine to find in the library of “The Addams Family” or something like that. I can’t help but recall other darker literature I read as a child though like the Goosebumps books and Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark. Even the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales were rather violent compared to the Disney versions tailored for various younger generations. This book really doesn’t seem to be aimed at children but I’ve always wondered about the actual social responsibility and real effects darker literature and imagery have on kids and teenagers.

There are certain individuals who decry such subject matter and what they believe to be the negative influences on young readers, but I can’t help but recall the many famous writers in the canon of western literature whose works posses such things. I even remember when I had to read Edgar Allan Poe in middle school. “The Cask of Amontillado” is literally a story about a man trying to get his adversary drunk while leading him into the catacombs of his estate so he can brick him into a wall and leave him to die. What do you guys think about all this? What kind of darker literature did you encounter as a kid/teenager and what effect do you think it had on you?

As a final side note, if you’d like to support the author by purchasing “The Envious Siblings” please feel free to follow the link here:

Silly Poems – Jolthead

So sometimes when I write poems, I honestly don’t take the task very seriously. I came across an old writing prompt I wrote a poem for involving Shakespearean insults. I figured I’d post it here to break up the more serious poems that I tend to usually write. I don’t know if I’ll include it or not in a future anthology but for now I hope it entertains.

An earth-vexing jolthead divided by zero.
He has a B.S. in bullshit.
He counted infinity twice in a row
beslubbering each day in a snake pit.
He stood on the sun eating rat poison gum
and then crashed through the moon with a bang.
I swear he’s a dumb ass with no sense of class.
He lives up the sky down the lane.

Blue Autumn Sample – Heathen

Hey everybody. It'll be a good bit before I release my next anthology, but I thought I'd post one the poems that is going to be featured in it. The next anthology will be entitled "Blue Autumn" by the way. In the mean time enjoy.


The fascism of Christianity 
The dictatorship of greed 
The theocracy of atheism 
The anarchy of need 

The heathen paints a wooden cross 
The gentile pukes a Jewish prayer 
The only exit is south from heaven 
But who said life was ever fair? 

Enslaved to doubt 
Enslaved to fear 
Enslaved to weaknesses of the flesh 

Enslaved to lust 
Enslaved to guilt 
Enslaved to sin and eternal death 

Devoid of human faith 
Cause you will bend and you will break 
You will fall and you will drown 
The only way up is down

          ~Christopher Ferguson

Artist Spotlight: Yoshitoshi ABe + Red Winter

I typically don’t do this sort of thing but given my interests as of late I wanted to write a post about a lesser known artist by the name of Yoshitoshi ABe. He is a Japanese manga/anime artist and one that struck my interest from a very young age. I don’t remember all the details but I remember walking into a comic/manga shop as a kid when I was on vacation with my extended family. While perusing the store, for the little time I had to look around, I saw a poster for an anime on the side of a bookshelf called “Serial Experiments Lain”. The picture below was roughly the exact poster I saw.

Due to lack of funds, my young age, and how hard it was during the 90s to even watch anime outside of syndicated programming blocks like “Toonami”, I of course didn’t get a chance to watch the anime until I was in my late teens. Putting the anime and my opinions on it aside though, what stuck with me the most was the artwork. Eventually I watched other anime that Yoshitioshi ABe had worked on and even got a few of his art books as well. It’s hard to pin down exactly why he’s become my favorite artist and why his style captures my interest so much. Maybe after looking at the pictures below maybe one of you can share your thoughts on it.

If you enjoy his work as well as I do I’d highly recommend checking out his Wikipedia page to sees other anime/manga he has worked on.

On a side note, “Red Winter” is still on sale on Gumroad for “pay what you want” through Wednesday of this week. Please feel free to grab a copy using this link:

Until next time I hope you guys have a good rest of the week.

Finally! – Red Winter has officially been published!

Hey to everybody reading this. It’s finally that time! My first poetry anthology “Red Winter” has finally been published on Amazon Kindle and Gumroad. I’m really happy that it’s finally out there and for the first week I’ll be giving the book away for free on Gumroad:

It’s currently set as “pay what you want” but after this first week it’ll go up to the suggested price. For those of you on the other hand who want to get it off of Amazon Kindle I’ll post a link below:

Unfortunately just like the last book I can’t set it to “pay what you want” on Amazon so the price is currently set as it is. Regardless please feel free to grab a copy off of Gumroad during the first week and I hope you all enjoy the anthology.

Red Winter Update + Tracing to Kill Time

Hey guys. So the cover is basically done for “Red Winter”, my upcoming anthology, and it should be out probably by Monday. Tuesday at the latest. Regardless I’m pretty excited about it for a number of reasons. After that is published I’ll immediately begin working on the final content for my second anthology. I plan on releasing four in total for this series and it’d be really cool to get them all done this year. We’ll see what happens though.

In the mean time I’ve been neglecting my artistic endeavors so I spent some time today just tracing a few pictures. The one below is from the artist Ilya Kuvshinov. It’s from his art book “Momentary”. He has a few art books on Amazon and I’m pretty sure you can find his Instagram page here:

Anyways I hope you guys have a good weekend and I look forward to dropping the anthology very soon. Later.

Published First Book – How to Deal with Difficult People

Hey everybody, I have some semi interesting news to share. I’m still waiting on the cover for “Red Winter” but in the mean time I published my first “book”. You might be wondering why I put book in italics. Well it’s a “book” in a very very loose sense. It’s honestly only six pages…but that’s why I’m giving it away for free. It’s called “How to Deal with Difficult People” and if you’d like to download it here is a link to for a “pay what you want” version of the book:

I did also publish the text on Amazon Kindle but it doesn’t allow me to sell products for free or pay what you want. So instead it’s at the lowest price of $0.99. If you would like to get it off there for any particular reason then I’ll post a link below as well:

Either way I hope you guys enjoy this short but otherwise silly satirical piece I did. Hopefully I’ll have some more content news to share soon. Until then take it easy everyone.