One More Poem for the Road – Getting Closer to Finishing “Blue Autumn”

So unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish my next anthology, Blue Autumn, by the end of February. I am getting really close to being done though. Currently finishing up stuff for the cover and getting down to the last poems I need to workshop. In the mean time I thought I’d share one more poem that will be featured in it. It’s rather cynical so be forewarned.


Love is harsh because it fools you
into thinking that people want you.
It leaves all your passions crushed
and all your ardor desires rushed.

Love is hard because it hurts you.
It abandons and deserts you.
It makes you think that you are sacred
but instead fills you with hatred.

Love is sharp because it cuts you.
It mutilates and corrupts you.
It makes all hope seem stale and bitter
then scars your mind with pain and blisters.

Love is tough because it drains you.
It makes each aching fault enchain you.
It breaks your spirit down with stones
and then bleeds you hollow to your bones.

The Title of This Poem Has Been Censored for Your Protection

So I wrote this poem a while back based off a quote I had seen before online. I thought I’d share it since I’m still working on other stuff. I’m happy to say that I’m making good progress on writing more poems for the next anthology. I’m hoping I’ll be done before the end of the month but we’ll see how it goes. In the mean time enjoy.

Compassion – Another “Blue Autumn” Sample


My brother
I will not harm you
For wearing a shirt of wool and cotton

My father
I will not stone you
Because of the sabbath day forgotten

My sister
I will not force you
To marry the man who raped and hurt you

My mother
I will not hate you
Because of sins that did subvert you

My son
I will not strike you
Just cause god says it is justified

My daughter
I will not beat you
For your love of women you’re ostracized

My enemy
I will not slay you
Just because the lord says you're my foe

My friend
I will not kill you
Just because the bible told me so

Murder Methods – A Dark Exercise in Wordplay

Felt like having some fun with this.

Murder Methods

Thrust and stab
Burn and scorch
Rip and tear
Blaze and torch
Slay and kill
Cut and slash
Slice and shred
Crush and smash

~Christopher Ferguson

Trace Memory – Small Sample from “Blue Autumn”

Still slowly working on finishing up more poems for my next anthology, “Blue Autumn”. In the mean time enjoy this small sample.

Trace Memory
The shadows rave and blink at me
And the lights phase into a galaxy
I trace and dissolve into a Greenwich ember
Even though I forget the shadows remember 

          ~Christopher Ferguson

$7.25 – A Poem About Work and Misery

A poem I wrote a number of years ago when I was frustrated with low wage work. I'm sure some can relate.


For seven dollars and twenty-five cents
you can buy an hour of my life

To torment me with boredom
To assault me with monotony

No health insurance
No sick days
No vacation days

Twelve hour shifts
Barely any breaks
Standing all day

I go home
Take a shower
Eat dinner
Go to sleep

Being late by even a minute
Means automatic termination
Sometimes I wake up
In a frenzy panicking
Thinking that I overslept
I scramble to find my phone
And I realize I have two hours till work
I lie awake too anxious to fall back asleep

I can’t afford to go the hospital
Or go see a doctor
I dread the idea of my
Car breaking down

Each second
Each minute
Each hour
Of each day
Bleeds into the next
I can no longer tell them apart

To go back home and  try to rest
To return to where I've been
Sometimes I just want to close my eyes
And never open them again

              ~Christopher Ferguson