Patience – More Poetry from “Blue Autumn”


You’ve tested my patience for far too long.
Forgiveness for you would surely be wrong.
You pick on the weak and idolize the strong.
Farce is your rhapsody and mockery's your song.

Generosity for you was surely a mistake.
For you all I feel is animosity and hate.
To rip out your organs and see your bones break.
That wouldn’t suffice as a violent enough fate.

I want to see you cry an ocean of blood.
Overflowing cesspools with gore and mud.
You think mercy is folly so it’s time to be judged.
To see you engulfed and drowned in the flood.

I have menacing methods and torturing tools.
Infinite time in this one sided dual.
Showing you compassion made me a fool.
Kindness is always wasted on the cruel.

          ~Christopher Ferguson


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Discipline – An Extra Poem from My Latest Anthology “Blue Autumn”


I am not interested in being your wage slave 
Your punching bag peasant who needs to behave 
You exploit all my labor and paint me a knave 
To be worked like a serf till I’m dead in the grave
I am not interested in being your soldier 
Your flesh meat peon at which to bark orders 
A brain dead lackey and thoughtless marauder 
To run into bullets as dumb cannon fodder 

I am not interested in being your doormat 
Your pushover patsy without insight or tact 
A fool without brains to con and distract 
To be trodden all over and stomped like a rat 

I am not interested in being your chess piece 
Your deluded pawn to dupe and police 
To be devoured by fate with stoic caprice 
A monument to misery as your masterpiece

                 ~Christopher Ferguson

Experience Required – New Poem

Experience Required

I need experience
To get a job
To get the experience
To get the job
To earn money
To pay a bill
To earn more money
To pay more bills
To go to school
To get a degree
To pay off my student loans
To get a better job
To earn enough money
To actually enjoy life
To be too busy working
To be able to do so
To try to get by
To try to survive
To find happiness fleeting
To try to find meaning

    ~Christopher Ferguson

Elpis – “Blue Autumn” and “Red Winter” are still on sale

Wanted to post a short poem I did recently, but also I wanted to say that my two anthologies are still “pay what you want” on Gumroad at the moment through Tuesday of next week. I’ll post a link here to my page on there:


When you waited for peace
All you knew was war
When you expected light
All that entered was darkness
When you yearned for love
All you received was hate
When you longed for hope
All that came was despair

    ~Christopher Ferguson

Apologies & Success – “Blue Autumn” has finally been published!

So I want to start by apologizing to any readers of my blog. I know I haven’t been on here very much and for a while for that matter. I was just having issues with getting writing done so that’s why I disappeared for a bit.

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Just like before it’s currently set as “pay what you want” but after this first week it’ll go up to the suggested price. For those of you on the other hand who want to get it off of Amazon Kindle I’ll post a link below:

Unfortunately, once again, I can’t set it to “pay what you want” on Amazon so the price is currently set as it is. Regardless please feel free to grab a copy of either of my poetry anthologies off of Gumroad during the first week and I hope you all enjoy my second anthology.

Challenging Authority

I usually don’t do this style of post but I after much pondering I thought this would make for some thought provoking writing.

Last night I was going through a list of the most challenged books in public libraries/school libraries. The list also featured why each book was usually challenged. Very few books featured this reason, but I came across one or two that had reasons like “encourages disobedience” and “challenging authority”. The question immediately popped into my mind as to why that would necessarily be a bad thing.

It’s interesting to note that very few books actually broach the topic at all of challenging or disobeying authority, and those that do are usually depicted in a less than savory light. That’s probably because (especially in the case of children) disobedience or undermining authority is considered it’s own kind of heresy. Challenging authority is not presented as a healthy or ideal thing to do, but rather as something that ultimately seeks to dismantle and erode social norms/institutions. A child who disobeys or challenges their parent’s authority is unruly and needs to be disciplined. A child who disobeys or challenges a teacher in school is hampering the teacher and causing problems for the school.

Ironically, despite such depictions, we can easily concoct scenarios where obedience would not be desirable at all. For example if a parent or teacher asked a child to do something deeply unethical or illegal most people would sensibly not want them to obey. Why is it then that more often than not challenging authority is seen as such a bad thing?

Personally I think it’s because such actions (regardless of the age of the people involved) are depicted in black and white. Often times of course invoking the black white fallacy. It’s either you believe in strict authority for people to follow or you believe in absolute chaos and anarchy where no one obeys anything at all. This type of logic though is complete nonsense. Just like there are plenty of points between fascism and anarchism in the traditional left to right political spectrum, disobedience does not tantamount to the complete disarray of any given institution whether it’s families, schools, or businesses.

If a parent asked a child to steal something for them, if a teacher instructed a student to physically assault another student for speaking out of turn, or if an employer ordered an employee to break the law to financially benefit the employer’s business, most people sensibly would hope that they would refuse.

Challenging authority is not always done for the right reasons but it is fundamentally wrong to assume that all challenges to authority are unfounded. Much of the major changes in American history have come from people who disobeyed or dissented from those in power, and ironically, despite being reviled in the moment, they are often applauded for their actions in the future.

The general consensus should not be complete obedience but rather to ponder which authorities should be obeyed, when they should they be obeyed, and why.

One More Poem for the Road – Getting Closer to Finishing “Blue Autumn”

So unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish my next anthology, Blue Autumn, by the end of February. I am getting really close to being done though. Currently finishing up stuff for the cover and getting down to the last poems I need to workshop. In the mean time I thought I’d share one more poem that will be featured in it. It’s rather cynical so be forewarned.


Love is harsh because it fools you
into thinking that people want you.
It leaves all your passions crushed
and all your ardor desires rushed.

Love is hard because it hurts you.
It abandons and deserts you.
It makes you think that you are sacred
but instead fills you with hatred.

Love is sharp because it cuts you.
It mutilates and corrupts you.
It makes all hope seem stale and bitter
then scars your mind with pain and blisters.

Love is tough because it drains you.
It makes each aching fault enchain you.
It breaks your spirit down with stones
and then bleeds you hollow to your bones.