New “Book” – Self Help Book Satire

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve been in a funk for a good bit but I’ve been slowly pulling myself out of it. In other news, I’ve published a new “book” entitled “Buy My Self-Help Book So I Can Live the American Dream for You.” In similar vein to “How to Deal with Difficult People”, this is a one page satirical “book” that I’ll be offering for free on gumroad.

Unfortunately the lowest I can offer it for on Amazon is $0.99 since giving it away for free isn’t an option. If you wish to financially support me then feel free to get that version or do “pay what you want” on gumroad.

On one more quick side note, I’ve basically finished my next anthology “Black Summer” but I just need the cover to be finished for it. Once it’s all put together I’ll make a post about it. Until then here are the links below for the new “book.” Enjoy.


Gumroad: TBA

Truth Serum – Black Summer Update

Hey guys. Still working on Black Summer but thought I’d drop another poem preview here. Hope you all enjoy.

Truth Serum

Don’t bother trying to be a good person
Sincerity will fail you when fantasy abounds
Don’t bother trying to be less of a burden
Your attempts at kindness will be run aground
Don’t bother trying to weed out corruption
The system’s been slanted to poison what’s true
Don’t bother offering a kind word solution
Your words will be twisted and then used against you

           ~Christopher Ferguson

Earworm – Short Story

So for my next anthology I want to write a number of short stories to include in it. Unfortunately I tend to have issues with writing works longer than poems, so we’ll see how that goes of course. There is one short story I did write a little while ago as a form of flash fiction. I thought I’d post it here to see what people thought of it and get some feed back. Hope you guys enjoy and constructive criticism is very much welcome.


I remember when it was first announced: The HALO. It was quickly labeled the most important invention of the 20th century and one that would change the course of history. Much like the telephone, the cell phone, and the smartphone which came before it. The HALO was a device that could be implanted directly into the human brain. You could use it to listen to music, make phone calls, use apps, and even watch movies – all inside your head. All of this was brought about due to the infinite genius of the American born tech wizard Dio Narcissus, the CEO of the company Red Dragon.

At first it was seen as a novelty. Something the wealthy and rich would want or could even afford. It was even banned for minors for a number of various reasons. From concerns about the ethics of human augmentation in children to teachers just concerned about kids cheating in class. I remember a lot of my classmates at the time wanting one. My few close friends thought it was strange and silly.

That was until a very swift push to make it affordable to the general public. It quickly took over like a pathogen spreading across the globe. Even more bizarre was that those who bought the HALO started to boycott every other company in the world, and they would only buy products from Red Dragon. Red Dragon started absorbing business after business as others went bankrupt trying to stay afloat. They weren’t just controlling tech anymore. Every modern convenience to just basic necessities were falling under their domain.

On the social side, it’s one thing for a fad to take off, but this was much more than that though. It mutated from simply being a means to keep up with the in-crowd to integrating itself into every junction of modern life. The ones who didn’t have one were becoming the minority. I was kicked out of school, my parents pushed me out of the house, I lost my friends, no employer would hire me, and if I was even old enough to apply to colleges none would take me. After a point, businesses and public services even barred those who didn’t have a HALO. Even my sister, one of the closest people to me in the entire world, eventually pushed me away. We used to share everything with each other. We exchanged clothes, shared music, and even kept each other’s secrets no matter what. Now she doesn’t even recognize that I even exist.

I found some solace amongst the outcasts of society for a time, but then Red Dragon did something unimaginable. They began giving away the HALO for free. Inevitably the few people I knew slowly disappeared. I was completely alone. I couldn’t take it anymore. The isolation. The hunger. The cold. I cracked. I gave in. I received my own HALO and suddenly everything changed.

The world no longer seemed bleak and grey anymore. Everything seemed to burst with energy and elation. I reconnected with my family and friends. I was able to go back home and return to school. But the truest sense of satisfaction I felt was from Red Dragon and Dio Narcissus. Whenever I bought a product from them I felt incomprehensible ecstasy. Each day I worked for them I felt all encompassing contentment. Bliss was giving my heart, body, and soul to them. I felt fulfilled, I felt complete, and finally I felt loved again. I had finally become one with God.

~Christopher Ferguson

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Victory – From “Blue Autumn”

Hey guys. This poem is technically from my most recent anthology but I wanted to post it anyways. Pretty dark but religiously inspired. Hope you guys enjoy.


A holy cup of wrath that makes clergy tremble
A crash from the hills will make the earth rumble

The heavens, the land, entire nations will shake
The seas will boil and every human will quake

A day of much trouble, distress, and desolation
Darkness, gloom, destruction, obliteration

Blood will be poured out like dust and like dung
Clouds and thick darkness will poison every lung

All the stars in the sky will eventually dissolve
Lest plagues of annihilation inevitably evolve

The sun will be blackened and the moon will not shine
Anguish and ruin by the creator’s design

Let the earth be devoured and all mankind smothered
Bodies strewn from one end of the earth to the other

Prophecies of extinction to instill ceaseless fear
The day of the lord is near

~Christopher Ferguson

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Analysis Paralysis – New Poem

Here’s a new poem that I just wrote that I’m probably going to include in the next anthology. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Analysis Paralysis

I rouse feeling feeble
Stale and vulnerable
Narcoleptic visions
Mangled and miserable

Decrepit and sickly
My flesh rots and festers
Excrement and decay
Still prolong and pester

My soul feels diseased
All I can muster is disgust
With boils and malignancies
My mettle will rust

My animus is faltering
For what hope is there to seek?
Is it right to be strong?
Is it wrong to be weak?

    ~Christopher Ferguson

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Spoken Poetry Trial – Raining After Midnight

So after talking with a friend of mine, I thought I’d try out the idea of recording a reading of one of my poems. This poem is from my upcoming anthology “Black Summer”. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Raining After Midnight – Christopher Ferguson

Raining After Midnight

I’m sleeping after midnight 
And it’s raining in my dreams 
Through granite fog I’m wading 
But I cannot reach the seams 
Pain courses though my temples 
I feel the sea solidify 
All I want is happiness 
But I know that happiness is a lie

    ~Christopher Ferguson

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Black Summer Anthology & Sample

So my next anthology is going to be entitled “Black Summer”. I have no planned release date for it at the moment, but I can say that I’ve already completed and organized all the poems for it.

The real challenge for me this time around is going to be that I would like to do a good number of short stories to add to the anthology along with the poetry. That’ll take me a little more work and scrutiny/editing than normal.

The anthology will primary focus on mental illness but also contain poems centered around some other dark subjects in general. For the time being I’ll post a sample poem from the upcoming anthology.

Boomerang Nebula

Tossed hanging lifeless and vividly cold 
Friction constriction leaves frostbite enclosed 
Submerged in silence this thought goes untold 
Lethargic violence and ice juxtaposed 
Celsius concrete tween muscles and veins 
Neurotic opus composed of release 
Burrow of brain stems benumb flesh and pain 
Casket of navy when all functions cease

          ~Christopher Ferguson

Shameless Plug: If you've enjoyed this poem or other ones I've posted recently feel free to check out my Gumroad or Amazon sellers page if you'd like to get either of my recent anthologies "Red Winter" or Blue Autumn".



Gods & Trolleys

This isn’t an ordinary post but I thought I’d tackle an odd but interesting subject since it’s been wracking my mind recently.

In philosophy there is an ethical dilemma known as “Trolley Dilemma” which goes a little something like this: A person is on a trolley riding along on train tracks. Suddenly they spot in the distance a fork in the tracks with a single person tied to the tracks on the right side and five people tied to the tracks on the left side. The person tries to pull the brakes but finds that they aren’t working. So they can’t stop the trolley but they do have the means to choose which track the trolley will choose in the fork. Which track should the driver choose?

There are a number of answers to this dilemma depending on the type of ethical theory applied. Today though I wanted to tackle a different perspective on the matter using divine command theory.

Divine Command Theory (DCT), simply put, states that ethically right and wrong actions are determined by the commands of a god or gods. This theory is a very common ethical theory but most people aren’t aware of it by name. I’ll be dealing primarily with Christianity in this discussion.

The correct answer to the “Trolley Dilemma” for a Divine Command Theorist would be to choose which ever choice god commands. Unfortunately the bible, to my knowledge, doesn’t really talk about the idea of compounding sins (i.e. if committing two sins is actually worse than committing one sin). It also has conflicting verses on whether one sin is worse than another.

Oddly the bible does have few verses proposing the idea of greater sins and even unforgivable sins (Matthew 12:31-32, 1 Cor. 6:18, and John 19:11). The latter very much flies in the face of the often repeated belief that god forgives all. One verse very much contradicts these previous ideas, though, and that would be James 2:10:

“For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”

This provides a very problematic issue. If it is true that committing a sin makes a person guilty of committing every sin then fundamentally all sin would therefore be equal in the eyes of god. So in light of the lack of information on compounding sins and that god sees all sin as equal, the answer to the “Trolley Dilemma” under these circumstances is that it doesn’t really matter which track you choose.

If all sin is equal and compounding sins aren’t a factor then killing one person is no different than killing five people.

This creates a very troubling problem for divine command theorists. By pure nature most people tend to view unethical and illegal actions in gradients. For example most people would probably agree that stealing a candy bar from store is no where as bad someone stealing an extremely expensive car. To punish them the same would seem unfair and most likely counter intuitive.

But if all wrong doing is the same in the eyes of god then this brings great comfort to extremely evil individuals and immense discomfort for the mostly righteous divine command theorist. How comforting is it for a tyrant to think that the actions of a genocidal dictator would be viewed the same as telling a white lie? And how horrifying would it be for an individual who tells a white lie to be seen as just as bad as a mass murderer?

I believe that the innate human response to the “Trolley Dilemma” for most people would likely be to choose the track with only one person on it. Unfortunately, under these biblical circumstances that I have stated, the bible offers little to no solace as to what the right answer truly is.

Splendour – I’m Still Alive

Hey guys, I’m still alive but I’ve just been busy doing other things. I’ll post another poem here from my latest anthology. If you enjoy it at all please check out the links in the published for the ebook version of my anthology “Blue Autumn”.


You too can be a cliche
A one hit wonder
A vapid word parfait
Reduced to platitudes
A forgettable passe
Banality incarnate
A stereotype buffet

You too can be an adage
Trite and trivial
More sob story baggage
Chemically created
With replica disadvantage
Produced to be sold
As a prosaic package

You too can be a claptrap
Full of deflated hymns
And fustian scrap
Laced with grandiose garbage
And cumbersome crap
Being sold out to chumps
Monetarily entrapped

You too can be a mantra
Solace to morons
As a delusional stanza
Each phrase the same
Xerox propaganda
A false simulacrum
Singing conformity’s anthem

  ~Christopher Ferguson