Analysis Paralysis – New Poem

Here’s a new poem that I just wrote that I’m probably going to include in the next anthology. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Analysis Paralysis

I rouse feeling feeble
Stale and vulnerable
Narcoleptic visions
Mangled and miserable

Decrepit and sickly
My flesh rots and festers
Excrement and decay
Still prolong and pester

My soul feels diseased
All I can muster is disgust
With boils and malignancies
My mettle will rust

My animus is faltering
For what hope is there to seek?
Is it right to be strong?
Is it wrong to be weak?

    ~Christopher Ferguson

Shameless Plug: If you've enjoyed this poem, or other ones I've posted recently, feel free to check out my Gumroad or Amazon sellers page if you'd like to get either of my recent anthologies "Red Winter" or Blue Autumn".

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