Patience – More Poetry from “Blue Autumn”


You’ve tested my patience for far too long.
Forgiveness for you would surely be wrong.
You pick on the weak and idolize the strong.
Farce is your rhapsody and mockery's your song.

Generosity for you was surely a mistake.
For you all I feel is animosity and hate.
To rip out your organs and see your bones break.
That wouldn’t suffice as a violent enough fate.

I want to see you cry an ocean of blood.
Overflowing cesspools with gore and mud.
You think mercy is folly so it’s time to be judged.
To see you engulfed and drowned in the flood.

I have menacing methods and torturing tools.
Infinite time in this one sided dual.
Showing you compassion made me a fool.
Kindness is always wasted on the cruel.

          ~Christopher Ferguson


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