Apologies & Success – “Blue Autumn” has finally been published!

So I want to start by apologizing to any readers of my blog. I know I haven’t been on here very much and for a while for that matter. I was just having issues with getting writing done so that’s why I disappeared for a bit.

On a much happier note, though, I finally have officially published my second anthology “Blue Autumn”. Just like my last anthology, I’ll be giving it away for free during the first week, but also I’ll be doing the same with my first Anthology “Red Winter”. So you can get them both on Gumroad using either of theses links:

Red Winter: https://gum.co/jjgjH

Blue Autumn: https://gum.co/OzQio

Just like before it’s currently set as “pay what you want” but after this first week it’ll go up to the suggested price. For those of you on the other hand who want to get it off of Amazon Kindle I’ll post a link below:

Unfortunately, once again, I can’t set it to “pay what you want” on Amazon so the price is currently set as it is. Regardless please feel free to grab a copy of either of my poetry anthologies off of Gumroad during the first week and I hope you all enjoy my second anthology.

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