Electric Church – Finding Old Poems Again

Been digging through old works again and I’ve been finding some good gems that I’ve forgotten about. This was me experimenting with multi-part poetry.

Electric Church
The self service checkout church
has levitating tithing bowls now made of solid gold.
No matter how much money you put in
you never get anything of value back.
I hear it’s more appealing now in design;
it replaced the landfill after all.
All the most charismatic garbage can be
found conveniently at your local pulpit.
An indoor cafe, overpriced musical tickets,
a church bookstore. Any way to suck you dry.
Hypocrites penning divinity with bile in every breath.
It’s a casino with no slot machines and no prizes.
I’m going to hell apparently.
Not the one of fire and brimstone though.
It’s here where the choir members, the pulpits,
the overused hymnals latch onto your flesh and won’t let you leave.
Jesus was not a wise person.
He didn’t know the heart of man well.
If he did he wouldn’t have come back.
He would have stayed locked in his tomb: dead forever.


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