Blue Autumn Sample – Heathen

Hey everybody. It'll be a good bit before I release my next anthology, but I thought I'd post one the poems that is going to be featured in it. The next anthology will be entitled "Blue Autumn" by the way. In the mean time enjoy.


The fascism of Christianity 
The dictatorship of greed 
The theocracy of atheism 
The anarchy of need 

The heathen paints a wooden cross 
The gentile pukes a Jewish prayer 
The only exit is south from heaven 
But who said life was ever fair? 

Enslaved to doubt 
Enslaved to fear 
Enslaved to weaknesses of the flesh 

Enslaved to lust 
Enslaved to guilt 
Enslaved to sin and eternal death 

Devoid of human faith 
Cause you will bend and you will break 
You will fall and you will drown 
The only way up is down

          ~Christopher Ferguson

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