Artist Spotlight: Yoshitoshi ABe + Red Winter

I typically don’t do this sort of thing but given my interests as of late I wanted to write a post about a lesser known artist by the name of Yoshitoshi ABe. He is a Japanese manga/anime artist and one that struck my interest from a very young age. I don’t remember all the details but I remember walking into a comic/manga shop as a kid when I was on vacation with my extended family. While perusing the store, for the little time I had to look around, I saw a poster for an anime on the side of a bookshelf called “Serial Experiments Lain”. The picture below was roughly the exact poster I saw.

Due to lack of funds, my young age, and how hard it was during the 90s to even watch anime outside of syndicated programming blocks like “Toonami”, I of course didn’t get a chance to watch the anime until I was in my late teens. Putting the anime and my opinions on it aside though, what stuck with me the most was the artwork. Eventually I watched other anime that Yoshitioshi ABe had worked on and even got a few of his art books as well. It’s hard to pin down exactly why he’s become my favorite artist and why his style captures my interest so much. Maybe after looking at the pictures below maybe one of you can share your thoughts on it.

If you enjoy his work as well as I do I’d highly recommend checking out his Wikipedia page to sees other anime/manga he has worked on.

On a side note, “Red Winter” is still on sale on Gumroad for “pay what you want” through Wednesday of this week. Please feel free to grab a copy using this link:

Until next time I hope you guys have a good rest of the week.

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