Thirty Days of Drawing

Primarily I’ve wanted this site and blog to focus on current or future published works. There is one thing I did feel like sharing though. A number of months ago I bought a book called “You Can Draw in 30 Days” by Mark Kistler. Typically I don’t buy into books with those kind of titles but given the price point and generally high reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

While it didn’t turn me into anything of an art prodigy I can honestly say that I did learn how to draw from a basic level for the most part. Below I’ll show a gallery of my thirty days of learning how to draw with a sketch for each day. I’ll let you guys judge for yourselves whether I showed any improvement or not. Also my apologies if some of the photos aren’t of the highest quality.

If anyone reading this is interested in also checking out the same book I’ll post a link her:


  1. If you have an interest in drawing – there is no better book for you to own and read than – Drawing on the Right Side Of The Brain – On Amazon. Worth every penny!
    Also, didn’t see a contact page or email but wanted you to know – I Loved your – Generic Love Poem Template – really Great – an awesome post and humorous too!


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