One Final Excerpt from “Red Winter”

Hey, hope everyone reading this is having a good 
time during the holidays. I'm going to post one 
more excerpt from my upcoming anthology "Red Winter". 
I still have a few more things to finish up with 
it before it'll be finally published. I hope that'll 
be soon though. In the mean time enjoy.

Pluto Diamond
Wooden skeletons in fields of dirt
Wind below the rotten Earth
Light pales through the cirrus clouds
While the steel wrapped boxes race around
The overcast of raining sleet
The oligarchs and dead elite
The spikes of ice and nails of clay
The storm is gone, now let us prey
The season of the dying sun
The shadows fall below the hum
Of speeding trains and wailing brakes
The freezing of the northern lakes
The cauldron and attracting glow
The coffin bleached with laden snow
Wind away the fields of dirt
Skeletons rot into the Earth 

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